Ask Our Business Advisors About Going Limited

If you’re currently working as a sole trader, you’ve probably been asked numerous times why you’re not a limited company instead – if you’re not sure which would be best for you, our business advisors here at Blue Skies can help to answer all of your questions. We also offer a full accountancy service to help you to manage your finances – in fact, by consulting with our business advisors and accountants at Blue Skies, you could make your life a whole lot easier!

Becoming a limited company can be a beneficial move, but as our business advisors will tell you, it all depends on your individual circumstances. Everyone is different and the amount of money you earn will have a big part to play in your decision. Other factors such as your trade (we specialise in the TV and media industry) and the types of expenses you can claim tax relief on also need to be weighed up. Our business advisors can talk you through all of the pros and cons.

Our Business Advisors Can Help You Decide

By talking to our business advisors, you can get a clear picture of whether or not you’ll gain by changing your trading status to limited company. Generally speaking, your profits through a limited company will be taxed at 20% – this is much more favourable than the sole trader rate of 29% or 41%! However, our business advisors will also explain the potential downfalls too.

As a limited company you may find that you’ll be faced with higher bank charges, a change in the expenses you can claim for and the need for more time to deal with admin. Fortunately for our clients in the TV and media industry, we offer a full accountancy service – our qualified accountants will help you to understand what you can claim for and how to minimise your tax liability while still operating entirely legally.

Limited Company Accountancy Service

Our professional accountancy service can help to ease the pressure of running your own business. Our TV and media experts can take care of all of your accountancy needs and provide you with real time accounts information to keep you up to date with your financial position. By using our business advisors and accountancy service, you can focus on what you do best, your job, while we take care of the money side of things.

If you think that using our accountancy service will mean working with stuffy old men in suits, think again! Our accountancy service is totally professional, but the accountants and business advisors at Blue Skies believe in the friendly approach. When using our accountancy service, you can give us a call for a chat anytime you like, and meetings can be as formal or informal as you want. We give you the accountancy service you want, how you want it!

Why not talk to our business advisors now to find out if you should go limited? Or for more information about our accountancy service, follow the link!


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