Crush the calorie workouts
In the run up to Christmas everyone in our office is trying to burn extra calories to fit in to their party outfits.
So to help everyone along, below is a 15 minutes strength and cardio workout that will help get you one step closer to burning those calories off, plus toning those muscles up.
As with all exercise it should be done in moderation and in a safe environment, and if you are in any way unsure, or have any health issues, you should not partake without the consent of a doctor.

Challenge 1

How to do a Goblet Squat:
Stand holding a light kettlebell / or dumbbell, close to your chest, with your legs about shoulder width apart.
Squat down, lowering out bottom while bending your legs, ideally until your hamstrings are on your calves, or as low as you can go – but making sure you keep your chest and back straight and your head lifted up.
Then after your goblet Squat, throw in some Push Ups!
E.g. one Goblet squat followed by 10 Push ups first, followed by:

1 Goblet Squat 10 Push ups
2 Goblet Squat 9 Push ups
3 Goblet Squats 8 Push ups
4 Goblet Squats 7 Push ups
5 Goblet Squats 6 Push ups
6 Goblet Squats 5 Push ups
7 Goblet Squats 4 Push ups
8 Goblet squats 3 Push ups
9 Goblet Squats 2 Push ups
10 Goblet Squats 1 Push up

Exercise is so important not just for the body but for mental well being as well.
Just a 15 minute workout each day, can start you on the most amazing journey, and the best thing with Goblet Squats, is that it works areas all over your body – including your Glutes, Quads and Hamstrings.

Go on – give it a go!