Crush the Calorie Workouts #BlueSkiesChallenge

Challenge two of Blue skies Crush the Calorie work out is incorporating cardio and strength. This workout should take an average of 24 minutes
As with all exercise it should be done in moderation and in a safe environment, and if you are in any way unsure, or have any health issues, you should not partake without the consent of a doctor.

Challenge 2
Cardio Crush
Complete each round three times, you’ll need a timer! Do as many as you can within a minute
Burpees 60 seconds
Mountain Climbers 60 Seconds
Forearm Plank 60 Seconds
Lunges 60 Seconds
Squats 60Seconds
Jumping Squats 60 Seconds
Plank 60 seconds
Rest 60 Seconds

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, keeping the weight in the heels of your feet and arms at side.
Lower your body into a deep squat pushing your hips backwards.
Place your hands on the floor just inside your feet, and move your weight to your hands
Jump your feet backwards landing on the balls of your feet; you should now be in a plank position.
Jump your feet back so they land outside your hands and jump up with as much energy as you have left!

Mountain Climber
Move into a push up position, with your arms straight. Engage your core. Whilst maintaining this position bring your left foot off the floor and raise your knee to your chest, touch the floor with your right toes. Then simultaneously jump your right foot back to the starting position while bringing your left knee to your chest this time. Alternate back and forth.

Forearm plank
Place the forearms on the ground with the elbows aligned below the shoulders, your arms should be parallel to the body, being about shoulder-width distance..

Whilst keeping your upper body straight hold your shoulder back and relaxed keeping your chin up. Engage your core. Step forward on one leg lowering the hips until both of your knees are at a 90 Degree angle

Squat down, pushing your bottom down whilst bending your legs. Make sure your chest and back remain straight.

Jumping squats
Following the same position as above, the only difference is as you push up; you use as much strength as possible to jump upwards.

This is a variation on the above, forearm plank; it will strengthen your core and align your posture.

A Few Fascinating Facts
Working out to music can increase your performance by 15%

Cardio exercise helps to create new brain cells thus possibly making you smarter!

With all those new brain cells exercise also makes your mind work sharper, allowing clearer focus

The more muscle you build, the more calories you will burn even when you are resting!

And even more importantly exercise apparently slows the signs of ageing.

So with a few of the small facts of how beneficial exercise is to you, what’s stopping you!!!!!

Keep an eye our for the last installment of Blue skies Calorie crush workouts coming soon