Q: What is a Unique Tax Reference (UTR)

What is a UTR number? Your UTR number is issued by HMRC and it is a unique 10 digit ID, for example ’1234567890′… [Read More]

Q: How do I pay my tax?

There are numerous taxes that are paid to HMRC and they can all be paid in a number of ways… [Read More]

Q: What are my deadlines?

Key Deadlines for Sole Trader & Limited Company’s Personal Tax Tax Payments Why are payments on account so confusing? Tax Return Deadlines Limited Company Tax Deadlines for Filing Company Accounts and Payment of Corporation Tax to HMRC Deadlines for filing Company Accounts with Companies House P11D Deadlines Annual Return Deadlines… [Read More]

Q: What should be included in my invoice?

Do you need to know what Information should be on your invoices? Do you need a Invoice template?… [Read More]

Q: How can I register for self employment?

Why worry about registering? You do not need to worry, just give us a call we will register you and do all the paperwork. We make life easy by sending you everything you need… [Read More]

Q: Limited company or sole trader?

Which is best for me? Please… [Read More]