Office Leisure – By Ben Burns

You may have noticed, Blue Skies isn’t your typical boring accountancy firm. Our managing director Steven Sykes, has a vision that we as accountants and tax advisors should just as much be friendly and approachable, as we are knowledgeable.

Over the many years Steven has worked, he has recognized the need for staff having free time and over the years, he has built up quite a few ways of ensuring they get this chance to de-stress by providing his staff with various items.

As a result of this, I’m often the envy of my friends when I explain all the benefits he provides to us here are Blue Skies. To name a few, in the office we have the following leisure facilities to use in our free time:

  • The Blue Skies camper van – a kitted out touring dream machine
  • The Blue Skies gym – a room transformed from storage into somewhere we can all break a sweat
  • The Blue Skies pool table – currently Joe Warrs is our resident champ!
  • The Blue Skies games room – A 40’ TV alongside a variety of games consoles and games
  • The Blue Skies massages – We all get to enjoy a monthly massage from a local sports masseuse
  • The Blue Skies quiet area – For when the day gets too much, we have bean bags and background music to rest our eyes

As well as encouraging us here at Blue Skies to present this ethos to our valued clients and the public, he also wants us to feel and benefit from this ethos too. We all give 100% during our time in the office, giving our clients our full attention. To make sure we are always 100% ourselves, outside of our normal working hours, we have the option to enjoy the above mentioned items.

If you work as an employee, why not suggest these as ideas for your workplace?!

Or if you run your own business, implement them and reap the rewards of a much happier, relaxed work atmosphere?!

We are often on the phones to our clients talking about the burdens and complexities of our modern day tax system. Day in, day out this can take its toll, just as many other jobs! Embrace your inner smile and break it up with some fun once in a while!

We hope this has been useful to you.
If you would like to know more about us, please contact us here at Blue Skies!