Rate Negotiation Services

At Blue Skies, all of our professional accountants and business and tax advisors are TV and media specialists – which puts us in the fantastic position of being able to help our clients to negotiate their contracts and to get them the best rate possible. Our in-depth experience means that we know exactly what rates are achievable and we’re ready and willing to fight your corner to ensure that you get paid accordingly!

Working with our professional accountants and business and tax advisors offers you the double benefit of increasing your income, while also ensuring that potential employers don’t take advantage of you. Existing clients who have used our TV and media specialists to help them with their negotiations tell us that they feel less stressed, more confident and more knowledgeable as a result of the assistance our business and tax advisors offer them.

Our Professional Accountants and Business and Tax Advisors Know Just What You’re Worth!

You’re probably asking yourself exactly how our business and tax advisors can help you when it comes to negotiating rates and contracts. Well, it’s quite simple – as TV and media specialists our dedicated team work hard to collate vital information that provides us with the trump cards to help you get a better deal. We track the rates achieved by TV and media specialists like you who work within the industry across all of the various genres. This means that we have exclusive information regarding the minimum and maximum rates for different media job roles (eg TV Producer) and in the different genres (eg reality or LE).

We also have the added advantage of knowing how most of the known TV and film companies react to professional negotiations regarding rates and contracts. Our business and tax advisors combine all of this knowledge with our clients’ experience and achievements, giving us a solid foundation for a positive and constructive negotiation process to begin.

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