Sole Trader – What do i need to send?

Monthly Envelopes – What to Send

Things to send every Month

  • ALL your invoices that you have issued in the month and all remittance notes received to tell you your invoice has been paid
  • ALL your bank statements (business and personal) for that month
  • ALL your business and personal Credit card statements for that month
  • ALL your receipts (business and personal)
  • ANY correspondence from the Taxman or the VAT man


The points below can help to make the process easier for you

  • If you use online banking why not either simply download your statements as a file and email them to us OR get your bank to send the monthly paper statements posted to you but addressed “care of” our office address


  • When you buy things over the Internet email us a copy of the purchase invoice


  • When you raise an invoice email a copy directly


  • When you email us any of the above please use as the email address and use your/your business name as the subject so that we can easily identify that it is from you.


  • Ensure that all the money you get from your agent or from your invoices always goes straight into the same bank account. If you ever receive non-business money into that account (gifts of money, etc) into let us know where it was from.


  • When you receive money into your business account immediately transfer the VAT and Tax amounts into your VAT and Tax savings accounts. If you are not sure of the VAT and Tax percentages to use – simply ask us.


  • As we go forward please feel free to ask your team any questions on what you are sending or how you are sending it. It is important that it is easy and comfortable for you yet enables us to properly look after you. Likewise, we will get back to you on ways that we see the envelope process could be improved.


“I send everything off, I sign some documents, they do everything else! Brilliant- no stress and they save me money.”

Seb R | Freelance Animator

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