Our Staff Energy – By Ben Burns

Thinking a little differently to the usual accountancy topics, we recently completed some market research of our lovely staff here at Blue Skies.

At Blue Skies, our staff have a good level of flexibility to their hours, to assist with that balance of work/play lifestyle. But as a general picture, we generally all work the well known 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, being available for our clients as much as we can.

However, like most offices, energy levels can flag at different points in the week and we started to wonder how this was affected by food/drink/sleep/exercise etc. So we asked them how they would rate their energy levels on a scale of 1-10, and reviewed it in comparison to their caffeine, water and sleep intake.

Looking at the various charts, we can see that generally speaking, those consuming more than 6 caffeinated drinks daily had an energy level of below 5. The number of drinks consumed equally to or below 5 all had similar energy levels. So anyone who’s drinking more than 5 caffeinated drinks daily, perhaps try bringing this number down to 5 or fewer?!

The other comparatives were inconclusive, with no clear pattern to the correlation of water consumed, caffeine consumed, hours slept and their self rated energy levels. Personally speaking, after moving away from drinking so many caffeinated drinks and switching to more water daily, I’ve felt a dramatic change in my energy levels, after the initial withdrawal complaints.

Here are our averages, so you can compare yourself to how we did:

Average number of Tea, coffee or caffeinated drinks daily whilst at work = 3.2
Average number of hour sleep (not including those wild party nights on the weekend) = 6.7hrs
Average number of hours worked per week = 37.5hrs
Average number of glasses of water daily whilst at work = 3.3
Average self-rated energy levels = 6.9/10

How do your energy levels compare? Let us know as we would love to hear!
Also, if you have any tips to increase our energy numbers, we are all ears!

We hope this has been useful to you. If you would like to know more about us, please contact us here at Blue Skies!