The Freelancers Honest New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

Another New Year rolls around. Another 12 months where we will all make a list of wildly unattainable resolutions that we will promise, hand on heart, to stand by. Of course we will only stand by them until the pressure of keeping them up kicks in and we slip back into old habits. This usually occurs between 2nd– 5th of January.

So this year, with our tongue firmly in our cheek, we thought we would give some tax tips for freelancers – attainable and honest New Year’s resolutions with bad excuses already attached.

This year I promise to…

  • Not fall for the latest gadget or upgrade my equipment unless I genuinely need the gadget or upgrade… or I really like it… or it has a really, really nice flashing light on it… or it’s relatively cheap.
  • Keep focused at work. I will be a high powered laser of concentration burning through my inbox…unless I need some down time…or I meet that mate of mine I used to work with…or I see some squirrels out of the window.
  • Eat properly and exercise. This is the year I get myself in shape. I will visit the gym and eat three healthy meals a day… unless I am really busy… or I deserve a treat for going to the gym… going to the gym burns up a lot of calories so I will need a mars bar or two to stay focused at work… Unless I haven’t been to the gym because I was too busy, in which case the snacks are lunch anyway.
  • Keep up with the industry and really do my research…and research does not mean sitting with my feet on my desk in the middle of the day, eating ice-cream while watching on-demand television…unless it is actually research because it’s about something I am going to be working on or in…or potentially on or in…or I know someone who was on the show… or it’s a particularly good episode of Game of Thrones or something.
  • Keep my tax records up to date…unless I am in a bit of a rush, in which case I will promise to do it later…unless I forget what the record was supposed to be about in which case I will file it for later review…unless really, really can’t remember what that receipt was for, in which case I will put it in a shoebox with it’s 50 brothers and empty it onto the desk of my advisor at Blue Skies then run away.
  • My final resolution is I will not intentionally follow any of the above New Year resolutions…particularly the last one, which is really financially dangerous and upsets my lovely friends at Blue Skies. Really, don’t do it!

Have a wonderful New Year everyone!