Accountants for TV Film Production Broadcast

Accounting Services for TV & Film Production and Broadcast

Whatever aspect of the business you work in (or aspire to progress into), if you are operating within the TV/film production and broadcast industry then we can help you.

The industry is changing at what seems like an ever increasing rate with real pressure being put on your income and to work even more hours for that money.  The taxman exacerbates your situation by adopting such an aggressive approach – not only on what you can claim but also questioning your self employed (Schedule D) or Limited Company status.

Now more than ever it is important to know what you are worth, what is the best way for you to be set up and trading (PAYE, self employed/Schedule D or via a Limited Company) and finally what you can legally claim against your tax to minimise what you pay.

We at Blue Skies work with you to fully understand, and so reduce, the financial stresses in your life.