Accountants for TV Film Production Broadcast

Accounting Services for TV & Film Production and Broadcast

Whatever aspect of the business you work in (or aspire to progress into), if you are operating within the TV/film production and broadcast industry then our team of film & TV accountants can help you.

We have worked with a wide range of clients within the TV & Film industry for over 20 years and if there’s one thing that we can say with certainty it is that the industry is constantly changing, with ever increasing pressure to cut costs whilst at the same time maintain a high level of production.

Managing your freelance career is challenging; but when then also dealing with both the contractual and financial aspects of your business, it can be very stressful indeed.

That’s where Blue Skies can help…

Our film & TV accounting services include:

  • Proactive advice and guidance to ensure that you pay the right amount of tax
  • Bookkeeping and preparation of annual accounts and tax returns
  • Contract reviews
  • Rate negotiations
  • Business development support
  • Full review of your position to ensure that you are contractually protected with both your engager and HMRC


It’s more important than ever to know what you are worth and how best to protect your financial position. We can help you better understand your options and decide what the most practical and cost/tax efficient trading status is for you, whether it is PAYE, partnership  sole trader/Schedule D, or as a Limited Company.

By working closely with you and knowing your business inside out, we ensure that you pay the right amount of tax based on our experience with HMRC. In short, we help you keep more of your hard earned money where it belongs, in your hand.

Let Blue Skies look after you and your wealthcare. Get in touch for a free consultation.


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