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We offer specific and specialist services, tax and business advice to clients involved in all aspects of arts, media and entertainment, as well as advice and guidance to people who want to succeed in numerous other business sectors. With over 20 years experience as media accountants we are able to use our expertise and industry knowledge to keep as much of that hard earned cash in your pocket, whilst making sure that you’re on the right side of the taxman.

    "Blue Skies have looked after me for years and have helped me immensely. They have always been able to answer my questions (however specific to my needs) with clarity, and have…
    Matt Carter
    TV Director
    "What I like about having a good accountant like Blue Skies is that it allows me to do the work that I like to do and still have a good quality of life"
    Edit Producer
    A super friendly team that know me, know my industry and know my business inside out. I’m a creative and hate numbers, but Blue Skies take the hassle out of my accounting and make it a painless process.…
    Kevin Rundle
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Our Director, Steven, decided back in 1993 that the life of a traditional chartered management accountant was dull and no fun, so he pondered his life sitting there in his green shell suit and decided a change was due. Since then Blue Skies have worked tirelessly to become leading media accountants, offering expert media financial services to clients across all roles within the industry.

The media, arts and entertainment industries can be buzzing with news, views and gossip. But we want to help with the real important issues, such as rates of pay, employment and finances...