Media, Arts & Entertainment Accountants

Here at Blue Skies we have gained over 20 years of expertise working within the Arts, Media, and Entertainment industries and are proud to call ourselves specialists in these fields.


We really understand what makes these industries, and their people, tick. To put it simply; we are recognised as experts, and this means that we have the passion and the know how to help move your business forward.

Although we are of course professional accountants and experienced tax advisors, our true passion lies with building long lasting relationships with those we look after and increasing the cash that they have in their pocket. Regardless of your role and whether your annual income is £40,000 or £5,000,000 with Blue Skies looking after your financial affairs, you can feel safe with the knowledge that our unmatched level of industry expertise is guiding you through the freelance world.

Our team work tirelessly to ensure that your financial position is as secure as possible, and we use our experience within the industry to make sure that not only is your wealthcare protected, but each contract that you sign is on the right side of HMRC.


TV, Film Production & Broadcast

Whatever aspect of the business you work in (or aspire to progress into), if you are operating within the TV/film production and broadcast industry then our team of film & TV accountants can help you.


Actors, Presenters & Performers

Blue Skies have looked after media people in the public eye pretty much since we started in 1993 and at whatever level; whether in front of a camera, on a stage, or on a pavement.


Creative Arts

We fully understand the ‘quirks’ (to put it nicely!) of your industry and the challenges that this can bring to you as a freelancer.

 Our services include:

Not only do we focus on keeping as much cash in your pocket by ensuring that you pay the right amount of tax based on your personal circumstances, but uniquely we also focus on increasing the income of those we look after by either negotiating your contract for you or by giving you the tools to do so yourself. We also recognise that your industry is relentless and will require you to work (what you feel to be) every hour of the day to get the job done.

This is why we have a particularly simple system in place that doesn’t require you to spend countless hours of your free time completing the more mundane tasks relating to your freelance life.

Based in London?

We are available to meet for a free consultation in selected locations throughout Central London. Contact us today to book your meeting with one of our advisors.