Beware - Phishermen are after your cash!

Fraudsters are sending out texts targeting those with Gmail and Paypal accounts. Be aware that neither Gmail nor PayPal would contact you in this way.

What the fraudsters are doing is :

For Gmail – They are sending a text asking whether they’ve requested a password reset for your Gmail account – and, if you have , to reply with the word ‘STOP’.

If you respond with ‘STOP’ then next you are urged to send them the 6 digit numerical code you will receive from Gmail in order to prevent the password being changed.

Of course what is really happening is that the scammer has requested a password change on your account. That request sends a code to the real account owner to verify that they actually want the password changed. And by sending the attacker that code back, you’re enabling the bad guys to complete the password change, and now they have access to the account and all the email. By accessing your email the bad guys will be able to specifically target you for fraud / clone your ID / use information to pose as you to target your friends etc etc

For Paypal – they are sending texts saying your account has been temporarily blocked and click on a link. Clicking on the link takes you to a very convincing PayPal page where you have to enter your email address and password. Then you get to a page asking you for lots of personal info including credit card details …… I am sure you can see where this is going! They will then have the info needed to clean our your PayPal account – or trade through it – and clone your ID. In fact they now have carte blanche.

None of this is good for you or your bank balance if you are caught out by it.

Take care out there.

If in doubt then give us a shout!

Managing Director
Blue Skies