Keeping everyone happy all at once - Impossible

If there is one thing I have learned through years of people management and probably more so being a parent, that sometimes no matter what you do, not everyone will be happy.

Even positive changes can cause friction, such as sprucing up a room. Someone will say the predicted lines of
• what a waste of money”, or
• “what an awful colour” and so on.

One of the hardest parts of any manager, or business owner, is working out how to balance the needs of their team. Some like a hot office, while some like it cold. Radio on versus radio off. It becomes a constant battle to keep the team happy and productive because without happy and engaged employees, the productivity will fall, atmosphere will dive and work becomes a chore.
Then on top of the balancing act, there will be something that is changed or adapted. All of a sudden there is uproar among the voices crying “we have always done it like that”.

Tips on how to engage your workforce during times of change
Therefore as a small snippet from all the wealth of knowledge on the World Wide Web, below are some important things to remember when implementing any changes :

Be open and honest: – Let your team know what changes are happening and most importantly why. People may not always agree with the change but if they can see there is a reason behind it, they are less likely to resist.

Goals: – Set your end goal, and mini goals. If you break the task into small wins, then a sense of achievement will be felt before you even hit the final objective. Always remember what are you trying to achieve and why? Who is going to be responsible? How will you get there?

Set Time Scales: – Always let staff know timescales; it is proven people work better knowing deadlines and can then compartmentalize what’s happening

Communicate: – Make sure you keep everyone up to date with as much information as possible. A person second guessing what is happening is the beginning of rumors, which in turn cause uncertainty. Even if the progress isn’t as you would expect, its better to avoid negativity by being as open and honest as possible

Act Fairly: – Create a supportive environment, remember everyone has their own opinions. The change you are implementing may seem huge to you, but to some it’s just another task at work. Try to treat everyone fairly, and accept not everyone will be as keen as you want them to be.

If you need a bit more advice on how to move your business forward or deal with impending changes, give us a tinkle, if we can’t help we can always point you in the right direction.