Over the years Blue Skies has built up trust, loyalty and long lasting relationships with their clients. Some even dating back to 1993.

Our clients look to us for advice and reassurance. Have a read below as to what our clients have to say about our services and Blue Skies as a whole.

  • "Thank goodness for the team at Blue Skies making my personal tax painless. They explain everything clearly and succinctly- a completely positive experience"
    EM - Journalist
  • "Moving to Blue Skies has been a really positive decision for me"
    Francesca - Executive Producer
  • "When I set up my creative consultancy, I needed help understanding both the big picture and smaller details of the finances.  Enter Blue Skies - brilliantly named because the clouds literally lifted! They are exactly what this Book Doctor ordered - efficient, kind and wonderful at explaining how accounts work in my language.  I feel truly looked after by the team which is a perfect match for me; I can hand over the side of my business with which I struggle, freeing me to get on with the creative…
    Philippa Pride - The Book Doctor
  • "When my accountants went belly-up and left me in the lurch I was in a wilderness of ignorance, wondering how I’d got into such a fog of HMRC trouble. 

    I turned to Blue Skies for help and they were as good as their word, proving that blue skies really did exist beyond the fog. A huge thankyou to all of the team- to me they are quite simply a breath of fresh air!"

    Albert - Actor
  • "Our students found Steven to be informative, engaging and helped them get a solid bedrock for their future careers in the film and television industry."
    National Film & Television School -
  • "I have been with Blue Skies for over a decade now and have always been happy with their service. Most importantly, they make things easy, straightforward and clear. They know the media industry incredibly well and are best placed to sort everything out."
    Andrew - Executive Producer
  • "We’ve been with Blue Skies since 2006 and in that time, we’ve found them to be personal, professional and reliable. Their dedicated team means queries are answered quickly and advice is always available, and they have regularly advised on and negotiated production contracts for us with great success. They are an invaluable business asset."
    Fiona & Chris Lore - Consultant & Executive Producer
  • "I’ve been with Blue Skies for six years and I can’t praise them enough for completely reorganising my chaotic finances and helping my wife and I to run our company efficiently. The service and knowledge is first rate, and they’re also a wonderfully nice bunch of people. For me they’re literally indispensable."
    Chris Bird - Editor
  • "Blue Skies have looked after me for years and have helped me immensely. They have always been able to answer my questions (however specific to my needs) with clarity, and have consistently been sensitive to my limited knowledge of finance. They offer a friendly and personal service, both to me and my family, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to colleagues or friends"
    Matt Carter - TV Director
  • "What I like about having a good accountant like Blue Skies is that it allows me to do the work that I like to do and still have a good quality of life"
    Alex - Edit Producer