Over the years Blue Skies has built up trust, loyalty and long lasting relationships with their clients. Some even dating back to 1993.

Our clients look to us for advice and reassurance. Have a read below as to what our clients have to say about our services and Blue Skies as a whole.

  • Ben and the team at Blue Skies have very effectively and efficiently taken all the nagging worries away about whether I was getting my tax right and whether the company finances were complying with HMRC requirements. This assurance plus a customer focused approach with a deep understanding of the detail behind the spreadsheets and the added value of additional advice with the right ‘people in my corner’ means I can properly focus on making films and winning new work…
    Mat Sheldon - Producer/Director, Crushfilm Ltd -
  • Brilliant…more expensive than others but definitely worth it.
    Michelle W - TV Series Producer
  • “I’m constantly impressed and thrilled with the service of Blue Skies. Amazing people doing an amazing job”
    Phil - TV Presenter
  • “I have been with Blue Skies for many years and trust them implicitly with the financial side of my life. They take away all the pain of tax and accounts, making my life so much easier! I have found the service excellent and the people friendly and knowledgeable. I know I can call anytime to get advice or explanations and find everyone I speak to an absolute pleasure to deal with.”
    Jane Glasson - TV Series Producer
  • “I’m so busy at work that I hardly have any time to check through my invoices. There have been many times that Blue Skies have pointed out that invoices have not been paid which means extra cash I wasn’t expecting. It’s great to know you can rely on them.”
    Jenny Linton - Producer/Director
  • “Blue Skies provides me with an accessible and friendly service that allows me to forget all about my tax and know confidently that they are taking care of it. However, whenever I do have questions they are always there to help”
    Jude Liknaitzky - Script Editor
  • “I don’t understand when friends and colleagues complain that doing their accounts and dealing with their accountant is a nightmare. I have never had to worry about a single thing with Blue Skies, they are like friends who look after everything for me. Joining them was the best financial move I have ever made”
    Keith Doyle - Freelance Writer/Presenter
  • “Blue Skies…..are always efficient, friendly & knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to recommend them, as I frequently have.”
    Laura Ashman - Photographer
  • “I originally signed up with Blue Skies over 5 years ago because at least two other freelancers on my TV production were with them. It is very reassuring to have an accountant with special expertise of the television industry – as our employment status and the way the business works can make tax matters complicated. Efficient, friendly, always helpful.. and they keep telling me they’re saving me money!”
    Miranda Simmons - TV Professional
  • “TBSP are brilliant, they make everything so easy to understand. The staff are extremely helpful, and friendly. I would recommend them to any fellow freelancers”
    Sarah Church - Task Producer